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Hell Hath no Fury, Oil on Linen/ Wooden Panel, 74x48 cm
Gingvarr, Oil on Linen over Panel, 50x41 cm
Do I Look Like, Oil on Linen, 45x39 cm
Bear my Cross, Oil on Linen Panel, 71x52 cm
Heard a Scandalous Tale, Oil on Linen, 73x41 cm
An Old Hand, Oil on Linen, 70x40 cm
Momodu, Oil on Linen, 63x41 cm
Sunday Best, Red Horizon, Oil on Linen, 70 x 59 cm
The Wanderer - Oil on Linen, 35 x 30 cm
Colin’s Diptych 1, Oil/ Gold Leaf on Linen, 33x33 cm
Colin’s Diptych 2, Oil/ Gold Leaf on Linen, 33x33 cm
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